Exclusive Black Friday Deal For 24 Hours Only – Lifetime Pro Membership

Exclusive Black Friday Deal, 24 Hours Only


  1. What Are the Details of the Promotion and the Link?
  2. What Have We Improved Since the Last AppSumo Launch?
  3. How Does DesignBold Make Your Life Easier?

LIFETIME access to DesignBold’s Pro membership

Dear highly valued readers. We are letting you know that DesignBold’s lifetime pro membership will be offered for only $49, unlocking all of the features of this account tier WITHOUT additional monthly subscription fees.

Exclusive 24 hour deal on DesignBold’s Lifetime Pro Membership.
Only $49, save 97% today. Follow the link below and sign up when the deal goes LIVE.

What Have We Improved Since the Last AppSumo Launch?

I’ve personally been testing the majority of the features (from free to premium) to ensure they are working as intended. Admittedly, there is still much room for growth and some bugs have yet to be resolved. But rest assured I’ve notified the tech team of these issues and they are already on it.
    • The entire platform is now much more stable, and less prone to freezing or performance issues. Premium stock photo purchases and licensing is also less prone to error, and the watermarks (and access to photo modification after purchase) are being correctly displayed.
    • Multi-level folder UI/UX, making it easier for users to manage projects and keep things organized. Other general UI/UX improvements include being able to select multiple files, changing location, etc. All to improve convenience and save users some time.
    • Grids for more customized design layouts – each grid can be filled with a unique background color or image.
    • Streamlined sharing feature – it’s easier than ever to add collaborators to your project, either by individual emails or email domains.
    • Better filters and more fine-tuning options. We’re still improving stability to ensure the settings are saved properly, and not reverting without direct user input.
    • We’ve also launched a beta version of the PDF export function, though we’ve yet to fully incorporate the link function. I know this was one of the biggest pain points for users last year, so we’re fully committed to making this happen ASAP.
We’re always listening to user feedback, though we admit it sometimes takes time to launch every feature while balancing everything else on our to-do list.
This is another opportunity for us to get more pairs of eyes looking at what we’ve created so far, so we can make a fair assessment of how to continue to grow and get better.

How Does DesignBold Make Your Life Easier?

Not many of us have our own design department at our fingertips. Coming up with ten unique and relevant ads per week sounds like a daunting task, but don’t get downhearted! DesignBold takes the headache out of creating posts by streamlining the process!

Once you become a DesignBold member, you gain access to their numerous templates specifically generated for Facebook content. With this EXCLUSIVE Black Friday Offer, you will have instant access to the premium templates and layouts as well, in addition to the 200,000+ stock photos and other design elements already available to you!

Every template can be tweaked and customized countless ways using free stock photography, graphics, text and backgrounds. You also have the option to upload your own images or logo to give your posts that “homegrown” feel.

When the Promotion goes LIVE, make sure you secure your
LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP as soon as possible! Spots are limited!

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