Get More Organized With DesignBold’s New Multilevel Folder System

With DesignBold, it is easy to create multiple graphics in a short time quickly. You also get unlimited cloud storage (available to both free and paying subscribers) to store all your designs and to revisit or edit those, anytime you want.

You can access all your previous design works at “My Designs” section, by logging in to your DesignBold account.

With time, as you keep creating more graphics, the “My Designs” section tends to get packed with multiple design templates.

Some of our users had requested for a more natural way to organize their projects which makes it easy for them to search a particular design among many others.

Keeping that in mind, we have now integrated a multilevel folder system at DesignBold “My Designs” section.

Multi-Level Folders:

Log in to your DesignBold account and click on “My Designs.” There you will find all your previous design projects neatly arranged. When you hover on the “Folder” icon, you will get the option to create a new folder.

Click on it to create a new folder and give a name related to your design project.

Alternatively, you can also right click to create a new folder.

You can create as many folders you want and name them as you see fit. Then you can move your existing templates to the appropriate folders as shown below. Right-click on any design template and you will see the option to move the design to an existing folder of your choice.


You can use this method to organize all your previous design templates by moving them to the folders you have created.

Creating a new design in a specific folder:

You also now have the option to directly place the latest designs in your custom folders without needing to move them as mentioned in the previous point.

First, select and click on the folder you want to place your new design in. Once you enter the folder, you can create a new design template in two ways, as marked in the picture below.

The design gets placed in the folder from where you started creating it by default.

Actions you can take on folders and create subfolders:

Users can also interact with the folders to take specific actions.

Creating a subfolder: You can create a subfolder within the main folder. Doing so is straightforward. Enter in a folder and click on “Add Folder.” It adds a subfolder as shown below.


Modifying the folders: By right-clicking, on the folder name, you will get options to customize the folder like renaming, moving to another folder or deleting it.

You can try all the above new folder specific features when you log in to your DesignBold account, the next time. As always, at DesignBold we are constantly at work to make it easy for you to create and organize your graphic designs.

Do tell us how you liked the new additions.


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