More Handy And Speedy With DesignBold’s New Grid System And More Filter Effects

The success of any creative work depends on efficient collaboration and being an actively evolving online graphic design company, at DesignBold, our primary aim is to interact with our users, take their feedbacks and keep adding new features to the DesignBold platform.

The team at DesignBold is always working to add more options that will make the process of graphic designing faster and easier for everyone.


Let’s check out some of our latest updates to the system:


In the graphic designers’ toolbox, grids are considered to be one of the fundamental staples.

Therefore, we have a big update for you to help you to structure your design in a way that would otherwise be difficult, time-consuming and troublesome.

To search for a grid, click on the “Grids” icon on the Search panel and check for your favorite one. Click on it or drag it to the design editing area.

Next, pull photos from the DesignBold stock images collection (you can also upload and use your pictures).

The pictures automatically get arranged in the grid. Have a look at how easy it is!

DesignBold Grid System
DesignBold Grid System


One of the most popular features at DesignBold is the wide variety of filters that you can use to add effects to your graphic creations.

Our team updated the filter system with the addition of two new features.

  • Live preview: You can just Drag (not yet Drop) a photo and check it in advance whether it’s suitable with your design or not.
  • Intensity: When you select a Filter Application, the intensity bar will show up and can be adjusted to automatically change the Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation for your image accordingly.
  • Support filter for SVG FRAME

That means you can now have a live preview of the filter adjustments before finalizing the best one for your image.

Therefore, without any professional help, you can now create images with high-quality effects that you see on popular photography and movie websites.

DesignBold Filter System
DesignBold Image Filter System


We are now using Imgix and Cloudflare Content delivery networks (CDN).

Imgix not only provides caching and faster delivery of your images but also offers more an integrated processing and delivery service with worldwide reach, modern web protocols, and advanced image optimization and processing via its URL API.

Moreover, Cloudflare has built the next generation CDN, which dramatically improves website performance through their global CDN and web optimization features.

CDNs send content to the end-users from a server closest to them with minimal delay. Therefore, the issues of variations in latency with each passing moment (causes jittering in audio and video) are minimal.

Also, CDNs provide a fail-safe environment. During widespread attacks, the content will continue to be available.

Hence, the system provides efficient backup, storage and data capacity which can benefit individuals and business users who are creating graphics extensively using the DesignBold system.


Furthermore, we have also streamlined finer aspects that will make your day to day use of DesignBold more smoother.

Some minor bugs that were updated are as follows:

  • No more redirecting to the previous page after you log in.
  • We have rectified the error some users faced when deselecting multi-elements.
  • Updates on errors in Magic Design, Undo and Redo feature.
  • (to name but a few)

All the above upgrades have been made with the goal to make DesignBold more user-friendly and to let our customers have a robust access to their designs anytime they want.

We are still on our way to bring out the best service. Stay tuned for further updates coming soon!

Check out all the new features and experience one of the best design online tools at DesignBold.

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