Privacy, Sharing & Collaboration of your Designs

Tips on how to control the privacy of your designs along with sharing and collaboration

Hi there Bolder,

Welcome to another quick DesignBold tutorial. In this post, we will analyze 3 fundamental features at DesignBold, which provides you more power over your workflow and designs.

Privacy of your designs

Your designs are by default Private

We understand and prioritize the privacy of your designs. Hence, any design draft you create is by default private. Which means, no one can see your designs, edit your designs or copy your designs.

You can change the privacy of your designs

DesignBold provides you the option to change the privacy of your designs. You can make the design available to selective people or public (open to all in the DesignBold stream)

Point to note: If you are making your design draft public or sharing it with particular persons, then the onus is on you not to include any sensitive information on the designs (e.g., Social Security Number or your Address). If you add any personal information, then you are solely responsible for the information you have shared.

Sharing & Collaborating Your Design”

Deriving from the above discussion of privacy options, next we will discuss how you can use it to share and collaborate your designs with your team members.

Scenario 1

In the screenshot below, you can share your design draft with

  • Everyone (Public)
  • Anyone with the link to your design

You can also decide whether your team member can only VIEW the design or MAKE A COPY of the design (to edit it).

Point to note:

How to find the link to your design?

Click on the share button on the top horizontal bar on your screen. In the pop up you will find the link to the design.

Scenario 2

In the screenshot below, you can share your design draft with

  • You can share the design with specific people. (You can share by adding their e-mail id or DesignBold use id)

Just like above, you can also decide, if the specific person (e.g. Your client or team member) can just view your designs or edit those.

Point to note: In all the scenarios, when you are sharing the design with other persons, they must be logged to DesignBold to access your design drafts.

Check out the video below where we have summarized all the points mentioned till now

How can you use the privacy and collaboration features for your increased efficiency?”

The privacy and collaboration features are perfect for both individual users and design agencies and schools.

If you are an individual user (e.g., Blogger)

  • You can follow the points mentioned above to share your designs with other users.

If you are an agency with multiple writers or users?

  • Then also the privacy and collaboration features will work perfectly for you. Let’s say you have a team of 10 or more people.
  • Then all the 10 members can create an account at DesignBold. You can share your designs with all your team members from your DesignBold account to their account.

Point to note: 

You can share your design to multiple users/emails at the same time and be controlling which user can view and who can edit.

That’s it for now Bolders.

We hope you were able to get more insights into using the privacy and collaboration features at DesignBold.

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