Redesign Your Website With DesignBold

Redesign Your Website with DesignBold

Imagine that you have a storefront company. You’re looking to hire someone to man your front desk. This person will be the first point of contact for anyone who enters your store, so you are taking your time to comb through applicants.

Grumpy Old Man

One of the applicants has decades of experience, but when you meet him, you notice a few warning signs. He doesn’t know much about current business practices – especially anything involving technology. You also pick up on his speed, and notice that everything he does takes quite a long time. Worse yet, you overhear him barking at your customers while he waits to meet with you in your office!

Then, in comes candidate #2. She is much younger than the first guy, but she has extensive knowledge about your field of business. You can’t believe how quickly she gets things done! And your customers? They’re already falling in love! You caught her holding the door for an entire family entering your store!

So who do you chose?

Key Sections to Note

  1. Top 5 Signs It’s Time to Change
  2. It’s Time For a Refresh If…
  3. It’s Time For an Overhaul If…
  4. Where to Start
  5. Get Your Code in Check
  6. Revamp Your Brand
  7. Unify Your Image
  8. How to Use DesignBold
  9. Final Notes

Is Your Website the Grumpy Old Guy?

Times have changed. Your company’s website IS your front desk person! The majority of the time, it is the very first point of contact for any potential customer.

Take a look at its features. It may have worked well at first, but how is it working today? Software is changing constantly, so how is your page holding up? Is it peppy, responsive to all commands? Or does it drag along, constantly loading after each click? And if you run into any error messages through your exploration – yikes! Nothing could be more off-putting to your future clients than an unfriendly website.

Top 5 Signs It’s Time to Change

These days, nothing evolves faster than the internet. It is the epicenter of change and development. It’s where ideas go to grow!

While this is wonderful for artists, geniuses and up-and-comers, it also presents a challenge for anyone who’s been around for a few years. Content has an expiration date, and it might be sooner than you expect!

Take a look at the warning flags below to see if your website is showing symptoms of antiquation.

1) It Doesn’t Work on Your Phone

This is a HUGE problem! Stop right in your tracks and call a developer. We mean it! Not mobile friendly = no longer relevant.

If your customers can’t navigate through your site on their mobile devices, chances are they will go on to the next result in their SERPs. That is assuming that your page came up in their search at all, as most search engines penalize sites that aren’t mobile-friendly! In the age of information, people want answers fast. Don’t let them miss out on your great services simply because your website has become elderly.

2) It Takes Forever to Load

Don’t let your customers-to-be think that their WIFI cut out! If your website lags while you switch from page to page, chances are it’s time for an update.

A site that keeps people waiting is ineffective. You don’t want your clients to dread visiting your page because of the painful experience! If you make the process too hard, people will seek out an easier way to get what they’re looking for.

3) The Content Has Gone Bad

Check all of your links! Do any of the clicks take you to nowhere? Update them to the correct resources or get rid of them, now!

Nothing screams unprofessional as much as poor or broken content. Take a look at all of your images as well. Are they still valid? Do any of them have a low resolution? Our devices are now built to deliver beautiful image quality. If you aren’t taking advantage of this, you are certainly throwing away advertising dollars!

Not to mention, out-of-date images tell your customers that you can’t stay on top of your business dealings. Not exactly the message you’re looking for, is it?

4) There Is No Flow

Websites started as a place where you could dump loads of information for the public to see. From there, it became obvious that making things pretty helped people want to visit more. Now, page construction is a downright art!

How is your site’s SEO? If you have to Google those three letters to know what we are talking about, chances are it’s bad. They stand for “search engine optimization”, which basically translates to “how easy is this site to find and read”.

This one is a big factor because it determines how high on the list that search engines will show your website. It can also make the difference between your pages reaching people with special needs or not.

5) It’s Ugly

Looks matter when it comes to websites. It doesn’t matter how good your company is if the visuals are ugly. If your brand is homely, people are less likely to want it.

The internet is a visual place. We’re bombarded constantly with images that have been crafted to catch our eye. When you look at your site, do you want to keep looking? Are the visuals captivating? Do the colors work well together?

If you’re not firmly saying, “yes!”, you need to update your look.

It’s Time For a Refresh If:

Websites these days don’t last much past the three-year mark. Your expiration date could come up even more quickly if you’re in a fast-paced sector (think technology or fashion).

Thankfully, sometimes all that you need to get back up to speed is a little, branding face-lift. If your site is still responsive and easy to maneuver, a quick color palette update with some new graphics can send you into Valid City.

If things look pretty but don’t work so well, check with a designer or a programmer! Sometimes it only takes a small amount of code to fix what seems like a big problem.

It’s Time For an Overhaul If:

While some sites can be revamped quickly, if you’re approaching a decade (or more) since your pages were last touched, it might be worth it to start from scratch!

Basically, everything has changed since then. Look at your own company. You probably do things a little differently than you did then. Your focus or audience may be completely different now.

And as for the internet, it is a whole new world from ten years ago. People expect different things from a website now. Even the technical way that your pages work likely needs a huge update to operate on new devices and cater to different search engine algorithms.

But, you’re actually in luck! Starting from the bottom lets you redesign your whole brand into something cutting-edge and relevant! You get a chance to recreate your entire image, and if you do this right, it can help you come out on top.

Where to Start

So now you know that it’s time to update your website. But figuring out where to begin may not be so simple. The order in which you go about redoing things can help make the process easier.

Below are some basic steps to follow that will help you get on your way to the modern world.

Step #1 – Get Your Code in Check

Any technical issues that exist within your site should be addressed pronto. These hinder the actual functionality of your pages, making customers turn away in frustration.

Sometimes it just takes a few lines of code to fix major issues, but often you will need to get in contact with an actual developer to properly deal with the problems. If you are embarking on a rebuild, pair yourself with a designer whose previous work is on par with market standards.

Another option is to use one of the many online site building tools to make a clean, fresh site that allows you to add your own images and other content. Many of these companies offer low-cost options to keep your pages online and responsive.

Step #2 – Revamp Your Brand

Chances are if your website has become passé, your brand is not far behind.

Compare your overall aesthetic with successful brands in your field. Side by side, does your logo or color palette look a bit tired? Are you using methods that once were widely accepted but now are viewed as unprofessional or even archaic?

It may be beneficial to go right back to the drawing board and adjust or redo your actual logo. This will set the whole tone for your new image, so choose wisely!

Step #3 – Unify Your Image

Once you’ve settled on a new logo and color scheme, its time to implement your “new look” into your website. This is where things can go awry if you aren’t careful.

It’s important to create you images using the same platform. This means that all banners, ads and logos use the same colors in the same ways. While you can attempt to make these visuals from scratch using Photoshop, taking advantage of tools that make the process more simple can save you valuable time.

This is where DesignBold can really help you. You can create your color palette and then implement it into preconfigured, fully customizable templates that take much of the work out of making a great web graphic. By using the same palette and fonts, you can design a consistent theme throughout your new brand and website.

See below for a related article on color palettes, and the key issues to consider for brand consistency:

What Color Palette Should You Pick For Your Branding?

How to Use DesignBold

At DesignBold, we strive to make your life easier. We want to take the headache out of revamping your image. With easy-to-use tools and applications, even the most novice of developers can create professional-looking graphics that rival expensive, custom-made visuals.

By upgrading to our premium membership, you gain access to custom color palettes that will help you construct a consistent theme among your images. You won’t believe how easy it is to design, save or share high-quality visuals with this customer-friendly software!

For Branding

Revamp your basic images using one of DesignBold’s many branding templates. We are proud to offer numerous logo, label, business card, poster, sticker, letter, email header templates that make it easy to upgrade your website.

Selection of DesignBold templates

Once you select which template you’d like to use (or opt for your own dimensions), you can then finesse the look of your visual. This is done by selecting custom stock photos, shapes, colors, fonts, grids, icons, illustrations and lines.

Not only can you use these aids in maximizing your online presence, but they can be physically printed as well. If you are putting in all of this effort to clean up your webpage, why not extend the process and cough up 10-20 dollars for some new business cards that sport your new design? It will help to solidify both your online and offline image to your customers.

For Advertising

DesignBold was made to make advertising easy! Our customizable templates for ads come in effective sizing for web pages like leaderboards, sidebars, and variously shaped rectangles. We have ready-made buttons to help your customers get clicking faster!

DesignBold Ads

We are sure to constantly upload new, season-appropriate designs to keep your ads relevant. Regardless of your specific business style, there is a graphic that will fit your needs perfectly.

Keep using that palette that you created at the beginning of your DesignBold Journey. This will help keep your images looking unified in an extremely professional manner.

For Overall Aesthetic

Wouldn’t it be great if your customers knew an ad or graphic was yours simply by its style? DesignBold can make that dream a reality.

There are currently 24 different template types ready to use in the social media category. No matter what platform you are posting on, you can use perfectly professional images to convince your clients that you are the real deal.

DesignBold's Social Media Templates

We even have Instagram Story templates to help match your video presence with your still life look! Why give yourself extra work? Check out DesignBold’s online tools today to get an idea of how easy your re-envisioned brand could be to bring to fruition.

Take Things One Step Further

Basically, all of the great websites today feature a regularly updated blog. By adding a WordPress section or by developing your own content management system, you can help keep your site fresh in people’s minds. An easy way to use these systems is by writing and posting articles on a weekly basis at the very least.

Fresh content also helps drive new visitors to your site, as the more topics you discuss, the larger following you will gain.

Once again, DesignBold is happy to help make your blog posts stand out. The blog title, blog graphic and infographic templates make creating images for you next post a cinch!

Final Notes

Realistically, updating or overhauling your website is something you need to do from time to time. Don’t let your pages go much more than 3 years without some serious attention.

Gauge whether it is better to just pump up your visuals, or if its time to start from scratch with new code. Remember, rebranding can be a powerful and helpful way to get your company back in the land of the living.

Don’t cut corners, but also be smart with how you use your time. There are some amazing resources (like DesignBold) right at your fingertips, waiting to be used. You can even start your design projects without registering. Don’t get overwhelmed with a website or brand overhaul! A week or two of work could get your business where it needs to be.

So when you’re picking your next front desk person, opt for the friendly, smart and efficient candidate. Get your web pages into shape, and consider these awesome tools in building the brand of your dreams.

  1. Sharon Smith says

    Hi Abby Clark,
    Just hearing from you about designbold. I am here from google and just finished reading your article. I fall in love about designbold. 🙂
    How much $ need per month for premium membership in designbold?

    1. Abby Clark says

      Hi Sharon!
      It really is an awesome resource. Our premium membership plan costs $19/month of use. You get a lot more professional templates with the premium version, plus some great features like custom colour palettes and the ability to upload custom fonts.

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