Tips & Tricks For Using Images On Your Website – Part 3

How to Design original images and graphics to use on your blog or website?

Welcome to the Part 3 of the series – Tips & Tricks for Using Images on your Website. The aim of this series is to inform some important points that are many times overlooked by bloggers and business owners while using images on their blogs and business websites.

In the first part, we talked about copyright issues associated with using random online images and how you can create royalty & copyright free images using DesignBold.

In the second part, we discussed the importance of optimization and adding SEO to your blog images. We saw an example of how DesignBold can help you in compressing and resizing the images for different social media platforms simultaneously.

In this final part, we will see some lightweight tools (online & offline) that can help you in various finer aspects of your designing tasks. I will also explain to you some of the most efficient features of DesignBold that will bring the world of graphic design at your fingertips.

9 Tools to Create Original Images & Graphics

Creating unique and original contents for websites is essential. It is particularly pertinent for your brand identity and also staying away from violating copyright issues.

Here are some tools that you can use. 

1.DesignBold: Once upon a time, photoshop was my only option for designing. It is good but complicated, and suddenly one day it became too costly to afford. Due to this steep price hike, Adobe PS is now not the first line of choice for many including me.

It was around this time when I came across the online graphic designing service DesignBold. Using DesignBold, I could do all my photo creating assignments quickly, easily, beautifully and that too at a fraction of a price needed for Adobe.

creating original images

2. GIMP: If you still want something close to Adobe PhotoShop that you can install on your system, then GIMP is a great option. GIMP is free software; it doesn’t put restrictions on the type of work you produce with it. You can use it as long as you want without paying high prices like in the case of Adobe.

creating original images

3. Pixlr: If you want to use an online service similar to photoshop then there is Pixlr. It has a web app, mobile, and desktop apps. But the web app is more popular due to close similarity with Adobe Photoshop.

4.Picmonkey & BeFunky: These are two well known and similar online services. Both are like the simplified version of Photoshop. In addition, both the services provide photo editor and collage maker. Therefore, if you are for some quick photo editing, picture collage making then these two online services are perfect.

creating original images

5. Quick Picture Tools: If you are planning to make some quick edits like adding a designer frame, round profile pics/circular images with transparent backgrounds or 3D Embossing, this online tool is fast and easy to use.

6. Online Image Editor: Removing the background from a picture is tough. But using this online app, you can delete the background in the picture (entirely or partly). 

7. Ezgif Gif Maker & Editor: Ezgif is the most used online GIF maker and editor in the world. It is completely free and easy to use. You can edit or optimize an existing GIF. The most noteworthy feature is the option to convert videos to GIF and much more. In addition to that, all the GIFs you create using Ezgif do not carry any watermark.

8. Photobulk: If you want to edit multiple (Eg. 100) photos – add texts, add watermarks, resize, add a timestamp, rename, compress, optimize or convert – then Photobulk is easy to use and stable bulk image editor.

creating original images

9. Nimbus Screen Capture: (Browser App) Using screen capture is essential for blog posts to explain the points. It is a must use in tutorial websites.

Nimbus Screen Capture is one of the most popular screen capture/recorder with many options.

The screenshots will open in Nimbus Editor within the browser itself. You can crop or add annotations to the screenshot.

If you are on a Mac, then you have the right Keyboard Keys to take the screenshots.

Cmd + Shift + 3 = Screenshot of the entire Screen

Cmd + Shift + 4 = Screenshot of selected portion of screen.

If you are on windows, you can use snipping tool.

How DesignBold makes your designing tasks easy & fun?

Designing a graphic has many layers. All the tools mentioned above has some benefits. But, you will need to switch between different tools to complete a graphic. Furthermore, when you are dealing with multiple designs, it gets irritating to do the switching repeatedly for every image you are editing.

In that case, DesignBold is the one online stop for all your graphic designing and publishing requirements. Furthermore, you do not need to switch between different apps. You can perform all the design/editing within DesignBold without ever requiring to leave it.

We discussed in part 2 on how DesignBold helps you in optimizing the image while designing it. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. DesignBold has many useful inbuilt features that can simplify the entire process of creating original graphics for your website and business.

Let us have a look at some of the best DesignBold features to help you in creating original graphics and images.

A) 7000+ ready to use/edit professional layouts covering all the possible online categories. There is a design for every requirement you may have. Therefore, no more wasting time searching the internet for a design layout. Check out the full list of all the layouts in the layout collections.

creating original images

Graphics designs are covering all the social media platforms, advertising, ebooks & documents. You name it, and you will find it. A complete in house designing platform.

B) Drag & Drop Interface: All you need to do is to choose a layout as per your requirement, add texts and royalty free graphics. You are ready with your design. 

creating original imagesC) 60 Million Plus Premium Stock Photos: For any designing work, there is the requirement for stock photos, vectors, and icons. DesignBold provides 200,000+ free stock photos to every user (Free and Pro/Team). On top of that, every Pro & Team user get access to 60 Million Stock Photos in DesignBold premium collection.

Creating New Images DesignBoldD) DesignBold also has some unique features that can make your online publishing work butter smooth. We read about Magic Resize in the previous part. You can also create photos with a transparent background. Many such features can enhance your photo editing.

Resizing Social Media ImagesE) Offline Publishing & Printing: DesignBold is not restricted only to online designing. You also get the option to print high-quality PDF versions of your designs.

DesignBold Printing

Therefore, if you need to download the high-resolution version of your design for printing, you can save and download the printer friendly PDF format.

With this, we conclude the three part series on “Tips & Tricks for using images on your blogs and websites.” 

Images are the center point of all online & social media activities.

It is so common that almost majority of internet users tend to forget to care for the simplest points while using images for their online projects.

We hope that after reading this series, you are now more aware of the finer aspects of using images on your website and online line properties.

For your reference, you can have a look at the 1st two posts in this series below.

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